About American Family Coffee

When you purchase American Family Coffee, you are supporting our parent organization, American Family Association whose goal is to restore a strong sense of biblical values to American public life. 

Our Coffees

American Family Coffee Morning Roast

Morning: a blend of Central, South America and African coffees. Medium to full body with mild acidity.  A great coffee to get your mornings started.


American Family Coffee Evening Roast

Evening: a sweet, smooth medium body decaf coffee blend roasted with decaffeinated coffee beans from South America, Central America and Africa.


American Family Coffee Honor Flavored Coffee

Enjoy our mildly-flavored Honor coffee.  With flavors of caramelized French vanilla, this coffee will pair perfectly with your morning breakfast!


American Family Coffee Joy Flavored Coffee

Enjoy this delicious, flavored coffee that includes notes of vanilla, caramel, and coconut!


American Family Coffee Blessings Flavored Coffee

Blessings: A superb blend of nutty pecan sensations, this flavored coffee will easily complement any meal.


American Family Coffee Freedom Roast

Freedom: A coffee with bright acidity, medium body and deep richness


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Phone: 1-877-927-4917
Email: ordersupport@afa.net
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